Human made.


At Appsilon, we use science and mastership to cultivate real diamonds in the lab.

Our grown diamonds are chemically and physically identical to earth-mined diamonds.


We are cultivating

Lab-grown diamonds.

We re-create the earth’s process to grow diamond. Our plasma chamber is like the
Sun on the Earth. Carbon atoms form one by one to shape diamond, just like in
nature. We mimic the natural process and the result is the same with nature-born.

Re-creating the earth's process

to grow diamonds.

Each human-made diamond grows in its unique shape, color and clarity. 

Each of them has its own personality.

They are rare and unique.


GIA&HRD certificated.


Unique shape, color, clarity...

and certificated.



0.3-1.5 carat rough cut diamonds to be polished and mounted as jewelry

Diamond Plates

High-quality diamond seeds in different dimensions  and specs based on custom requirements


Free standing CVD diamond heat spreaders for thermal management of electronics


Optical CVD diamond components for transperency over a wide spectral range and high thermal conductivity 




This investment is partly financed with funding by the European Union.

Our cosmetic project 'Diacosm' is funded and supported by European Union H2020 Program.